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About Our Company

Export Capital Funding, Inc. (ECF), established in 2002, is a Florida Corporation.  ECF's core business is the origination, processing and servicing of term loans and revolving credit facilities to foreign importers purchasing US manufactured machinery, equipment, and inventories.

ECF has been an authorized Master Guarantee Agreement (MGA) Lender (2003-2011) by the Export-Import Bank of United States (Ex-Im Bank, a U.S. Government Agency and participant in the OECD ECA Agreement) to engage in direct financing of exports supported by their credit enhanced guarantees and credit insurance for qualified borrowers.  ECF has expanded its portfolio of financial products offered to include financing for Infrastructure Projects such as hospitals, seaports and airports, water treatment plants, etc. working with multiple multilateral agencies for financial support.

ECF has developed numerous, well established, continuing relationships across multiple industries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa.  Since 2011, our target market is now focused throughout the world and expanded in the Infrastructure Project Finance offerings in Africa, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

ECF has the market knowledge, primary and secondary money market resources, and experience to generate medium-term & short-term multilateral agency backed credit facilities to foreign buyers of U.S. manufactured equipment, raw material and inventories. 

ECF maintains Strategic Alliance agreements with several major U.S. and foreign commercial banks to partner in providing financial support to Importers, Exporters and providers of Infrastructure projects. For those qualifying foreign importers of equipment and developers of country infrastructure projects with some non-US produced equipment, credit facilities can be arranged through ECF's Strategic Alliance partners and international resources. ECF combines these resources to tailor the most accessible and economical financing available.

ECF is also a Servicing Resource for Banks engaging in these lending products. ECF's operating systems and staffing infrastructure allow us to service both Short, Medium, and Long Term loans for strategic partner banks, allowing them to grow earning assets and Return on Income (ROI) at a higher return. In providing that back office support, ECF can originate, process, underwrite, and service loan portfolios while our partner banks reduce operating overhead. We invite serious inquiries from banking institutions.


Export Financing Programs


Export Capital Funding, Inc. (ECF) offers financing to meet the needs of U.S. Exporters and their foreign Importers engaging in the sale and purchase of inventories, capital equipment and services of U.S. origin. Typically, the Importer will be the purchaser of the products and will become the borrower under the terms of financing. There are basically Short, Medium and Long Term financing programs available. .

This is how it works:

  • Short Term programs are 1 year revolving Lines of Credit for repetitive sales from one or more exporters to foreign importers for single or multiple purchases of inventories of bulk or finished goods inventories. Tenor for purchases is between 60-180 days from the date of shipment. The U.S. $ amount is unlimited.
  • Medium Term programs are typically 2-5 year Term Loans for single sales from one or more exporters to foreign importers for their purchases of new or used capital equipment. Equal principal payment installments are typically every 6 months until the end of the approved term.
  • Long Term programs in excess of 7 years are available with up to 18 years for special infrastructure projects.  Equal installments of principal plus interest are repaid each 6 months over the approved term.  Installation grace periods are possible.

All programs are supported by credit enhancement products.  Credit enhancement products are either in the form of Export Credit Insurance or Guarantees of the Multilateral Agencies and/or similar foreign OECD ECA Agencies for qualifying borrowers, or other forms of structured credit support. This form of credit enhancement becomes the foundation of the actual Credit Facility ultimately provided to the Importer.


Related Fees and Interest Rates


The total cost of borrowing contains various components, such as Application Fees, Credit Facility Fees, ECA Exposure Fees, Interest Rate, Legal Due Diligence Fees, and Legal Documentation closing expenses. ECF can provide an Analysis of the total cost of the borrowing over the term and compared to local borrowing costs for Importers upon request.

  • Interest rates are highly competitive. They can be fixed or floating. It is common to receive a quote of floating rate interest as a base rate. The base reference rate is usually LIBOR with an interest spread above that reference rate. The actual rate of interest is determined at the time of a quote and is based on several risk conditions to include country risk, borrower credit condition, market risk and product financed.
  • Application and Credit Facility Fees are the cost of application processing and underwriting the borrower. These are paid, respectively, at the time of initiation, at Credit Approval, and Legal Documentation closing.
  • All Legal Fees are paid at closing.
  • ECA Exposure Fees are predetermined based on risk factors determined by which the appropriate ECA agency follows. For example, the US ECA agency, Ex-Im Bank, is determined by utilizing their Fee Calculator section of their Web Page (http://www.exim.gov/tools/fee_calc.cfm). .

Qualify For Process


Complete ECF Request Quote form and an officer from ECF will contact you to discuss your needs. For Equipment Loans in general, borrowers need to be in business for 3 years with the most recent year being profitable. For amounts borrowed over $1 Million, audited financial statement for the three year period are required.